Natures Most Recognized Plants

This is my first post on my new blog people! I will really try to focus more on health and fitness as today it is very important to stay health and on track. The use of herbs and spices has been very important in all cultures throughout history. Believe it or not, before being employed to flavor up our food, most herbs were initially used for their medicinal properties. Science has proven time and again that herbs are some of the healthiest ingredients in our kitchen. Let’s take some time to check out how some of our aromatic ingredients can benefit our health.


Mint has been used traditionally in popular medicine and aromatherapy. As with other herbs, it is the oily component of the mint that is responsible for the beneficial effects on our health. Numerous scientific studies have proven that mint oil can help control the pain in those who suffer irritable bowel syndrome. This is accomplished because it relaxes the smooth muscles of the colon, soothing the pain experienced during defecation. It is also a fantastic remedy for abdominal swelling, very common during digestion. On the other hand, mint helps diminish nausea during pregnancy and after giving birth.



It should not be confused with other kinds of basil. Purple Basil is considered sacred in India, and for a reason. Different studies have proven that this specific kind of basil can inhibit the growth of a series of bacteria, yeast and molds. Another study showed that it stimulates the immunological system by increasing the number of certain immune cells generated in the blood. Moreover, it is associated with reduced levels of sugar in the blood before and after meals, as well as being used for the treatment of anxiety and depression originated by anxiety.



This perfect herb for our tomato sauces is a rich source of fiber and antioxidants, and the oils present in oregano inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is the perfect weapon to fight inflammation of any sort. Some studies have come to suggest that it could have a beneficial role in maintaining and improving the health of our liver and colon. On the other hand, if you suffer from ulcers in your mouth, a wash of oregano has the properties to help alleviate the pain.



Parsley has great diuretic properties, which stimulates the renal function and allows the elimination of toxins from the body. This makes parsley a perfect natural treatment to clean your kidneys. It is also very beneficial in the treatment of hypertension and osteoporosis. This is because of its high content in calcium, reason for which it is much recommended for children and athletes. Other benefits from parsley include helping us achieve a better digestion, it is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and an efficient anesthetic.



Some call it “Eastern Medicine” as it has been around for hundreds of years. Relatively new to the western world, Kratom has shown many potential benefits to medicine as one of the most significant benefits is its anti-inflammatory effects. Kratom is legal, and widely available for purchase online. Before you decide to buy kratom, make sure to do your research when picking a vendor –  I recommend Kratomystic kratom powder. Some verified vendors are Kratora, Kratomystic and


We have a complete and efficient medical and health kit in our kitchens that make our food tastier and more aromatic. It´s in our hands to use these herbs more in our kitchens and benefit from their properties! Please contact me if you have any additional questions, or have something you would like to contribute to our blog.