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Can I get a date with Kendra?

Dating me is not all its cracked up to be. For example, I currently have a boyfriend, and it is very difficult because I am so busy performing and doing promotions for my site, KendraJadeOnline.com. If you just want to meet me in person and take me out to dinner, that option is available thru my E-Shoppe.


 Do you drink or smoke weed or cigs? 

NO! I don’t like or condone drug or alcohol use of any kind. I don’t do it, and I wont allow people to do it around me. As far as cigarettes, yes I do smoke them but I wish I didn’t. It certainly is a BAD habit!  And I think people who smoke pot suck and are LOSERS!


Did you get your new car fixed and do you drive fast????

Yes I did and yes I do!



What's your REAL name??? My real name is Kendra; I simply removed my last name for safety purposes.

Where were you born/where did you grow up? I was born in Northampton, Massachusetts. I grew up in Easthampton, Massachusetts. And I have lived in many states including Connecticut, New Hampshire and Florida.

I now live in Los Angeles, Ca.


This isn't so much of a question, but it's a suggestion: I think it would be really cool if you wrote a book about all of your experiences, with all the dirty details. Would you ever do that?
Working on it now... 

What will you do after porn?
Get married, have kids and retire.


Adult Career

I think you are so beautiful and you are one of the best adult film stars of all time! You should be very proud of yourself. Do you regret anything you've done for money? First and foremost, THANKS!!! Secondly, the things I do are not about money, and if I thought I was going to regret something, I wouldn’t do it to begin with. So to answer your question, no I have no regrets.

Are you still dancing on the road?
Yes, please request me at your local clubs and hopefully they'll book me there.


Do you enjoy dancing on the circuit?
Of course!!! What could be better than meeting new people on the road? I love meeting my fans because I know I am very fortunate to have them!!!


Where can I get legitimately autographed stuff like 8x10s, and movies?
Right here, baby!! Visit my e-Shoppe!!


Is it hard to get in the porn biz?
It is e
xtremely hard to get into porn, especially for guys. The pay is very low for guys, and most girls won’t work with a new guy. For girls the hardest part is staying in the biz, and not being overexposed.


Can you help me get in the porn biz?
No, but if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that, I'd be rich. Try http://www.americasnexxxtpornstar.com

Do you do movies with your fans?
I don’t do movies anymore, so get 'em while you can!


Why don't you do girl/girl scenes?

I just never found the right girl.


Do you still hate Jasmin St. Claire??

 Jasmin and I resolved our differences several years ago, and I’m very proud of her and happy for all she has accomplished outside of the biz.


What does your family think about your career?
They don't like it but they support me 100% in all my decisions.

Do you have any new movies out?
No, but ... I have filmed only for the best people, making the best movies! Check out my most recent release by vca-the sopornosplaid by Jim digiorgio or if you’re very dirty, you can get any of my
extreme associate titles. Also, you can see clips of my movies on my website very soon!!

How can I buy your adult movies?

Directly thru me at any live appearances! And don't forget to request my movies at your local video store if they aren’t already there!!


When will Kendra be at The Bunny Ranch again?
Although, I enjoyed my time at the Bunny Ranch I have no plans to return to the Bunny Ranch or any establishment of it's kind.



Sex Advice

I want to try anal sex with my girlfriend but she has never done it and she's really scared about the pain so is there anything you can recommend that will make it so it doesn't hurt her as much???

Lots of lube and practice makes perfect!



What wrestlers did you meet when you did the royal rumble and who was your favorite?
I met all of the wrestlers they were all very kind. Val Venus really looked out for me. But I must tell you I have a huge crush on The Rock!!!


Have you ever slept with any wwf wrestlers? Besides the rock, are there any other wrestlers you have a crush on?

Like in a bed???

Hmmm…….No. And as far as other crushes, I would have to say Chris Jericho gets more and more attractive all the time!


What is Howard Stern Really like?
He is one of the coolest guys I know. I probably wouldn't even have a career without him. Howard will always be #1 in my book!

Did you really have sex with Jerry Springer?
Well, it certainly was me in the pictures with him that were published in every tabloid magazine and on every television show in America!

Is Jerry Springer big or small?
No Comment


Is it true that you went out will all the members of the group No Authority?

No, I did not. I dated one member very very briefly and I am a friend of all the guys.


Kendra, I was wondering if you would like to see Linkin Park performing for charity at The House of Blues in Hollywood, California? I and my friends have one extra ticket and we don't know what to do with it...The show is on Monday march 4th at 5:30 till 9:00
yes the answer is yes LOL (Webmaster's Note: I will email you the info to contact Kendra with further information)



What’s your favorite TV show?
The Sopranos, American Idol, The Ashlee Simpson Show, The simple life and Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. And of course, Jackass…my Favorite!!

 Shut Up, I already know!


What are your favorite movies and actors?

I love Goodfellas, and Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie of all time. I know all the words by heart. Jeez, there are soooo many to name… The Shawshank Redemption, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Pretty Woman, Titanic, The Notebook, and Troy!!

I have a huge crush on Johnny Knoxville, Ryan Gosling Colin Farrell, and Angelina Jolie!


What kind of movies do you watch? Have you ever seen the movie The Doom Generation??
Nope, never seen it but I love romantic movies like titanic and Moulin Rouge and I love movies like goodfellas or basically anything with deniero or pacino.


Who are your favorite bands?
I love all music, but currently, I am really into Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5, Marc Broussard, David Ryan Harris, Toby Lightman, and Michael Tolcher and OK, OK, I’ll admit… I listen to Britney Spears and Nsync too.

I was wondering what type of music you listen to and what you think of Courtney Love, Fiona Apple, etc.

I listen to everything!! From r&b to metal to pop to country, alternative, classical its all good to me...LOVE LOVE LOVE Courtney and Fiona and all other chicks that pursue their dreams and succeed


Kendra, I was wondering if you have ever had sex with Marilyn Manson or any member of his band? If so, what was it like? Also - what do you think of Jenna Jameson?
Nope. Never had sex with Marilyn Manson or any of his band mates!!! And, I think Jenna rocks!!

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