Febdruary 8, 2006
Former Porn Star Kendra Jade Visits Howard Stern! 02/07/06. 7:00am
Howard took a call from a guy who said he's really loving SIRIUS. The guys spent a minute talking about how great the music channels are on there for a short time. Gary came in and told Howard that Kendra Jade just showed up and she's so wasted that she can barely stand up. She's running into walls and stuff as she's walking around.

Howard figured that they'd get Kendra on the Sybian since she was so drunk. Kendra came in a short time later and told Howard that she was out drinking all night. She was slurring her words a bit as she was describing what she did last night. She figured that Howard was going to tell her she was fat so she had to drink. She said she had a bunch of Jaiger shots and some Vodka as well. Howard asked her about her boobs because they were so big. Kendra said that she wants to get them taken out because they're too big. She's only 5'1'' tall and has DD cups. Howard told her she could probably drop down a size.

Kendra asked Howard if she could have sex with him. Howard remembered the day that Kendra felt his penis in the studio when she was under his console years ago. She said she remembers that as well but she was very young back then and was afraid of doing anything else. Howard told her that she was looking really good today and that he was aroused looking at her.

Kendra did some porn years ago but she claims that she's out of the business now. She knew that she was completely wasted and told him that she had been out with a hot guy last night who wasn't into her. She had been staying at his NYC apartment and She claimed to be in love with him  but he wasnt in love with her back . (The guy?? Joey DeGraw , younger brother of Pop Star Gavin DeGraw ) www.JoeydeGraw.com

  • She said that nothing happened with the guy, to her dismay..

    Howard read that Kendra had recently spent the night with Britney Spears' husband Kevin Federline one time. She said that they didn't spent the night, she just hung out with him. She also said they shared the same circle of friends for many years so it was an inevitable meeting.

  • Kendra told Howard that she had to pee, she wasn't able to go when she was in there before coming in. Howard figured that she was so wasted that she couldn't even pee. Kendra told Howard that she and Kevin have the same group of friends so that's how she met him. She says that she didn't do anything with Kevin but did hang out with him.

    Kendra swore that she didn't do anything with Kevin Federline but she was laughing so Howard figured she was lying. He reminded everyone that Kendra did give Mike Gange oral one time. She came on the show after that and said that Mike was bad in bed. Kendra asked for a shot of Jaiger so someone got one for her from the jaiger machine. Mike Gange came in a short time later and said hello to his old friend. The Jager was ready for Kendra so they gave it to her but she was rambling a bit and told Howard that she wants to rape his girlfriend. She was also saying that she wants to fist a chick.

    Howard asked Mike Gange and Kendra about having sex. Kendra didn't remember doing that. Howard asked her if she had sex with Jerry Springer. She said she didn't have sex with him, he just masterbated in front of her while someone else watched. Ronnie the Limo Driver brought in a can of Red Bull for Kendra since she wanted that to go along with the shot she had.

    Howard told Kendra that she had to get on the Sybian masturbation machine. She sounded interested in having an orgasm because she claimed that she hadn't had sex in a long time. Howard asked her about her sex with Gange again so she said she didn't remember if Gange was good or not. Gary remembered the story and said that she gave Gange oral in the parking lot of a club down in Philly. Howard cut the story off and had Kendra get on the Sybian.

    Howard told Kendra that he wanted to hear what she was feeling on this Sybian thing but she said she wasn't going to tell him unless she can have sex with his girlfriend. He told her that he doesn't care if she does , he would watch it. Kendra got on the masturbation machine but she had no idea what she was getting into. She was kind of scared by what she was seeing but hopped on it anyway. Gary controlled the machine and started her off at level 2. She thought it was kind of weird at first. Gary started turning up the power and she wasn't into it because she prefers the real thing. Then Gary turned it up even more and she started to like it.

    Gary told Kendra to pull up her skirt and told her to take off her underwear. Then they had her pushing up against the thing so she could feel it on her. Gary started up the machine a short time later and turned it up to full speed within a few seconds. She wasn't doing it the right way so she wasn't feeling anything. Gary had it turned up all the way and full rotation on the second part. Kendra said she needs the real thing, not some machine. The guys told her that if she did it the right way, she would enjoy it.

    Gange noticed that Kendra had cut marks all over her arms and wondered if she cut herself. Kendra said she used to do that when she was younger. She didn't want to get into that but Howard had some notes about her life and found out that she was in foster homes from the ages of 6 to 10 and got kicked out of her house at age 14. Kendra was amazed at all of the details he had about her.

    Kendra said that she can't get a good guy these days. Howard asked Kendra about being a porn star. She said the worst thing was that everyone in the business is dirty and everyone wants to do something to "out do" other people.  She got sidetracked when she said hello to Artie once again. Howard attempted to take some phone calls but Kendra was talking over them.

    Richard asked Kendra how her muff is holding up. He asked her to show them so she did that. They saw a piercing she had so the asked her about that. Kendra said she used to like walking a lot because the piercing would rub and make it feel good. Sal came in a short time later and asked if she would be willing to play ''Guess what's in my Vagina'' but she wasn't interested in that.

    Howard gave Kendra a plug for her web site but the site he gave was the wrong one. She said that it's actually KendraJadeOnline.com. She was also talking about the great house that she bought out in California. Howard asked her how much she would charge when she was banging guys at the Bunny Ranch. She wasn't talking and kept getting sidetracked talking to Robin and the other people in the studio. She was really into Robin and wanted to do her. She got up and pressed her boobs up against the glass in her booth. Robin wasn't interested in doing girls, though.

    Kendra asked Artie if she could come over and touch him while she was naked. Howard told her to go over there so Artie said ''There goes my marriage plans!'' Kendra asked Artie if her boobs felt bad. He told her that they felt the complete opposite of bad.

  • Howard asked Kendra to get back on the Sybian to try and do it the right way. She hopped on and tried it out again. She said it's hard to cum when you have to pee like she did. She asked Gary to give it to her full blast so he turned the thing all the way up. She still wasn't getting into it like Jenna Jameson did recently. Howard was ready to give up on that since it wasn't working out. He gave her a plug for her web site. She knew that the interview was coming to an end and asked Howard not to get rid of her yet.

    Howard asked Kendra about the last time she had sex so she told him about that. Kendra also asked Howard to bring Beth in for her and then asked if she could go in Robin's booth. Howard thanked her for coming in and told her she looks better than ever. He gave her another plug for her web site.  Gary told her he'd give her another 10 minutes on the show if she talks about some guys she dated. Kendra said she didn't want to talk about those people. He noted a " boyband member" and Kendra refused to talk about him , or any other celebs she's hooked up with.

    Gary saw that they had the letters that Kendra sent to Mike Gange  years ago but when he tried to read them, Kendra covered up his mouth and stopped him from reading them. Howard wrapped up with her a short time later and then went to break.

  • Kendra Still A Mess. 02/07/06. 7:45am
    During the break the guys were watching Gary try to help Kendra get dressed. She was so drunk that it wasn't going very well. That led to the guys talking to Gange about getting oral from her and if the tongue piercing was any good. Gange said he remembers it feeling pretty good. Howard told the guys about getting oral from a chick one time and how great it was. He didn't want to get into details even though the guys told him he could sell radios if he did. They were in the middle of a Heineken commercial while they were talking about all of that stuff. Howard said that's the great part of satellite, you can't even tell when they're doing a commercial.

Kendra on Howard Stern

Febdruary 8, 2006

During a call, Gary came into the studio and announced that former porn star, Kendra Jade, was in the bathroom and that she was incredibly drunk. Before Kendra came into the studio, Howard had the Sybian rolled in hoping that she would try it out. When Kendra entered the studio, she admitted that she
was so nervous about her appearance that she spent the night drinking. Kendra added that, at 5’1”, she didn’t think her double-D breasts looked right on her frame. Howard then asked Kendra to show him her breasts, which she did.


Kendra reported that she got out of porn five years ago, largely because of how “dirty” it had gotten. Kendra also said that she’s “trying to do other stuff” with her life, including writing poetry. Kendra added that she went
drinking last night with a guy she likes, but who she didn’t think was interested in her. Howard then asked Kendra about a rumor he heard about a possible relationship
she had with Kevin Federline. Kendra responded that she’s friends with Kevin, but that she never so much as kissed him much less had sex with him as some tabloids have claimed.


Howard commented that one person with whom Kendra did have sex was Mike Gange from HowardTV. As Howard got into the details, Kendra asked for a shot of Jagermeister, which Artie got for her using the Jagermeister machine the Bloodhound Gang gave to the show as a gift. Although Kendra claimed she didn’t remember having sex with Gange, she did recall
performing oral sex on him when she was just 18. After Ronnie the Limo Driver gave Kendra a can of Red Bull as she requested, Gange recalled that Kendra liked him so much at the time that she even wrote him a number of letters telling him so. In fact, Gange mentioned that Kendra was so into him that
she even drove four hours to New York one night just to see him. However, Howard told Gange that he didn’t want to hear anymore of his story because he wanted to see Kendra get on the Sybian.


Gary instructed Kendra to take off her underwear while leaving on her skirt before getting on the Sybian. When Gary started up the Sybian, Artie commented that it sounded like they were putting in a sidewalk. However, even though the machine was turned all the way up and was rotating, Kendra said
that she wasn’t feeling anything. This led Gary to point out that Kendra wasn’t sitting on the machine properly, but Kendra replied that she needed “the real thing” instead of the Sybian.


After Howard mentioned some of the troubles Kendra had in her life as she was growing up, he asked her if she had ever been with any famous people. Kendra responded that, besides Gange, she hadn’t, but Gary noted that she had, explaining that he had read about sexual relationships she had with members of a certain boy band. Kendra ignored Gary’s news and went
on to tell Howard that the anal gang bang in which she participated was extremely painful. Kendra then got completely naked and pointed out that she is pierced “down there” because she likes how it feels when she walks.


Kendra said that she wanted to see Robin’s breasts and proceeded to push her own chest against Robin’s glass partition. Kendra then announced that she wanted to go over and see Artie, which she did - naked. As Kendra sat on Artie’s lap, she asked him if her breasts felt “gross.” After
feeling them, Artie responded that her breasts felt “the exact opposite of gross.” When Kendra mentioned that she had to pee, Artie told her she had to get off his lap because he was wearing “an $18 pair of corduroys.”


Since Kendra didn’t want to leave the studio and because she wouldn’t talk about her alleged relationship with members of a boy band, she agreed to give the Sybian another try.


However, when Howard saw that Kendra still wasn’t doing it correctly, he asked her when she last had sex. Kendra responded that she hasn’t had sex in five months and that she can’t date “normal” men because they can’t accept the fact that she goes out with other guys in addition to them.

January 31, 2006
Kendra called into the internet based talk show, Luanticradio.com
Kendra set the record straight about the rumors with Kevin Federline; she also talked about her experiences with Jerry Springer and her everyday life, post adult film star.
Lunaticradio.com with Kieran, Ronnie Beans and Rockit airs every week live on Monday nights and can be heard throughout the week on MP3 and podcast from the Lunaticradio.com website. Check it out!

Kendra has a message for everyone

January 30, 2006
Kendra is very upset about a article written in her hometown newspaper last week. She feels it was incredibly irresponsible reporting. Kendra does have several dangerous stalkers and revealing some of the info in that article could lead to her harm.
On a different note, this webmaster finds it incredibly funny that when you google: "kendra Jade", "britney spears" : you get pages and pages of websites discussing them. Kendra is now forever linked to Britney atleast cyberlly (is that a word?)
January 27, 2006
Apparently Kendra can't stay out of the tabloids. There is a story in Life & Style magazine this week saying kendra called Britney Spears to let her know she was pregnant with kevins baby

if you go to this link you can hear kendra dispute that story: http://www.tsmland.com/tsmradio.html

also Kendra filmed Access Hollywood today so look out for that, also she will be on Howard Stern  February 7


January 24, 2006
Sooooo everyone wants to know the truth about Kendra and K-Fed eh? Well Kendra has spoken subtly about the subject on a podcast at www.tsmland.com and a little in her F.A.Q. on this website as well.
did you check it out?
More from Kendra on this subject later in the week, till then if you've been hiding under a rock, here is the topic at hand:
Kevin Federline caught cheating?
claims a "world exclusive": Its cover story reports that Federline hooked up in Las Vegas with former adult-film star Kendra Jade, helpfully described by the tab as "Famous for: Being videotaped having sex with Jerry Springer." The magazine quotes a "source" who says, "Kevin and Kendra began making out. For the rest of the evening, the two shared romantic clinches and kisses, even after they went down to the casino to gamble." InTouch posits that Britney Spears sticks with K-Fed because "Britney's getting used to the drama. In fact, the 24-year-old is hooked on it. 'She's addicted to the "make-up" part,' a pal says. 'She feeds off it.' " The tab also has a chart, THEIR UPS AND DOWNS, that includes this low: "She doubts his music. Britney, hurt after a fight with Kevin, laughed at his song in front of friends, saying it might sell '100, maybe 1,000 copies if he was lucky,' a pal says."

The Star dishes that while Britney was away, Federjerk slithered into Sin City where he and Kendra partied, canoodled and got hot and heavy during a seven hour escapade in her suite with several other friends, according to a published report.

Kendra Jade is most famous for her video taped sex adventure with none former daytime talkshow king Jerry Springer.

The story cites a source that goes into explicit details of the wild all night party at Kendra's Las Vegas suite at the Venetian Resort.

Kevin's rep reportedly confirmed to the mag that he was indeed in Vegas at the time - but of course denies any hanky-panky.  Kendra's rep says she is in a committed relationship but refused further comment.

The Star's report stops short of alleging intercourse, only that of a heavy breathing and petting session.

Britney Spears Wants To Know: Did Kevin Cheat?
by Mitch Marconi
Jan 23, 2006
That is the question the everyone wants the answer to know.  There have been reports that Britney Spears has hired a private eye in order to find out whether or not the Star's reports ring true.

To recap: The Star is reporting that Kevin Federline spent some time in Las Vegas with porn star Kendra Jade in early December, while Britney Spears was away in Louisiana with her mother and newborn son Sean Preston.

The Star dropped the dime on K-Fed that he cheated on her with ex-adult film star, Kendra Jade, during a weekend getaway in Las Vegas.

The alleged coupling happened during the time when Britney had reportedly kicked Kevin out of the house and took away his Italian sports car.

The Star dishes that while Britney was away, Federjerk slithered into Sin City where he and Kendra partied, canoodled and got hot and heavy during a seven hour escapade in her suite with several other friends, according to a published report.

According to those reports, Federline & Jade spent $7,504.00 on champagne and enjoyed a $700.00 massage.

Is Kendra making Britney Spears fat? According to the following article the answer seems to be yes;

Claim: Britney Spears Gains 20 Pounds Turns to Food for Comfort
By Jennifer Cox
Jan 21, 2006

The speculation surrounding Britney Spears husband Kevin Federline cheating with a porn star hit a fever pitch last week and that has caused Brit to gain 20 pounds a published report claims.

Brit Gains 20 Pounds?
Brit Gains 20 Pounds?

The pop tart was hit with blinding headlines from an American tabloid that K-Fed was cheating with porn star Kendra Jade.

Now the same magazine, the American tabloid 'The Star,' says Brit is turning to food for comfort as she deals with the rumors. 

On the Star web site the tab claims "Britney Spears has gained ANOTHER 20 pounds. So she now tips the scales at 140 pounds!"

Well the webmaster of Kendra Jade Online, being a zealous Britney fanatic, went directly to Kendra with that accusation and Kendra answered it in the F.A.Q. section. Check it out.

Kendra speaks for the first time ever TODAY (01-24-06) on her website about the following story, here is what she has to say: "for the record , ive not spoken to anyone, private detectives included about this......not pregnant ?LOL WTF!!"

Britney Spears Hires PI: Claim, Kevin Didn't Cheat with Porn Star
By Tina Sims
Jan 23, 2006

Pop tart Britney Spears reportedly hired a private dick to check out the tabloid rumors of hubby Kevin Federline and porn star Kendra Jade.

Private Dick Reportedly Clears K-Fed
Private Dick Reportedly Clears K-Fed

The allegations were quite detailed and came from the American tabloid 'The Star.'

The claim, a K-Fed porn star tryst allegedly happened during the time when Brit had reportedly kicked Kevin out of the house and took away his Ferrari.  Brit bailed to Louisiana to re-group and seek support and advice from mom and Kevin wound up in Vegas with Kendra.

No sex was alleged, only a heavy make out session.

Now Life & Style weekly says Brit plunked down some cash for a private investigator to chase down the rumors and give the pop tart the facts. 

The tabloid reports that the investigator asked Kendra and she claimed, "There was no sex, and that she never got pregnant."

The report doesn't say whether the report satisfied Britney.

Stay Tuned
Lots of exciting news coming in the next few days. You can see Kendra in Star magazine, Us Weekly and In Touch magazine this week. You might also see her on Access Hollywood this week and Howard Stern next week. This site will be updated very soon till then visit the FAQ section cause Kendra just answered some of your most pertinent questions TONIGHT!!!


Ocotber 24, 2005
Kendra has been attending lots of public events with her bff Mary Carey and suddenly Kendra's pics are showing up on all the paparazzi sites such as gettyimages.com and celebrityphoto.com.


  • On October 22 Kendra went to a Fashion Week party held by Frye Boots and Gabrielle Union. 

" i love frye boots. i have a gazillion pairs. when i arrived there were no more gift bags left which sucks! lol but the party was so much fun, lot's of cool people there. I  personally , was happy to have run into my old friends from Godsmack , and also Amy McCarthy ( Jenny Mccarthy's sister) ." says Kendra

  • check out this cool video from http://vod.celebrities.com it has Kendra Jade and Mary Carey at the beginning and Ashlee Simpson and Chris Judd also are on the video

July 29, 2005
as reported on www.howardstern.com
Howard had former porn star and California Gubernatorial candidate, Mary Carey and her friend and also former porn star, Kendra Jade in the studio this morning. Howard and Robin were very happy to see Kendra again as she hasn't been by in a few years. Howard was also very happy to see Mary had lost a lot of the weight she had put on during her political days. Both Kendra and Mary have given up making porn.
Mary said she'd been in about 40 films, but has now been credited with 89 because of the way they repackage scenes these days. She said it seems that all they have to do is put a picture of her on the box and she's automatically counted as in the film. Howard had read that Mary had cut down on her drinking, although you couldn't really tell this morning. Mary said she has cut back a lot, but did admit to having a few drinks last night. She said she had started drinking heavily after her grandmother had died as a way to deal with her depression. Now Mary has a new hobby, sleeping with NBA players.
She said so far she's slept with players from the Lakers, Heat, Magic and Timberwolves. She says all she does is go and sit a few rows behind the team's bench and shouts at the guys, (then they give her their phone numbers). She said one of the Timberwolves players flew her to Minnesota and put her up in a hotel for a few days. She said she would really love to make a porno of her sleeping with at least one player from each NBA team. Mary said some of these players were rather "big". Howard asked if Mary had given up on politics all together, but she said she hadn't. Mary said she thought she would take a shot at the Lieutenant Governors job next, saying she would be a great spokesperson for the state.
Howard told Mary his cousin Isaac, who is an intern on the show this summer, went to the same high school as Mary. Isaac said she had quite a reputation at the school, but Mary said it wasn't so bad -- she even won the founders award there. Isaac said there was something about a prom incident and all Mary would say was "Oh yeah that" and noted her date that night was from another school.

July - 2005
It's already been the beginning of a very hectic month ! Kendra and Marey Carey have teamed up on a new project which I can't tell you about *yet* , but this project has kept them very very busy as of late. Between meetings with pr companies , photo shoots, websites, photo ops , and doing press , these girls may just have a moment to breathe any day now... and you  all will be very surprised.
There's been a lot of Kendra sightings in the press these days! Paparazzi went crazy for Mary and Kj together entering  and leaving  Nightclubs like : Mood , Spider Room , And the Grand Opening of The Amazing  new Cabana Club. There are pix on sites like wireimage , etc.
More to come...

June 2005

There was a completely fabricated story about me in the June 13th, issue of The National Enquirer. The story implied that I am having an affair with someone who is actually just a friend, and has been a dear friend for many years. I am not going to repeat the story because I don’t want to give it any more press than it’s gotten, but I am posting about it only to let you know that it is, absolutely, not the truth. I have a boyfriend, and he is not in a boy band.

May 2005

It’s been a VERY exciting few months, people!!


In April, Kendra held her b-day party at Super Exclusive Hollywood club, Element. She was seen dancing on tables, partying with actors and musicians and drinking Cristal (like 6 bottles) straight from the bottle!!



Jamie Kennedy

But how on Earth did someone manage to get this pic of KJ and Jamie Kennedy??


Kendra did a brand new photo shoot with hot new photographer, Jon Mayor for ultra-cool clothing line: Useless Couture.

These clothes have been spotted on some of the hottest celebs lately!

Think Rock Stars, Actors and other sexy A-listers.

You too, can sport this look by visiting www.UselessCouture.com




Kendra also became a godmother last month to Jacob. Jacob is the son of Kendra’s long time manager/assistant/best friend and travel buddy, Tracy. (Whom I think she may have had to bribe for the gig!;)

Y’all have met her out on the road and y’all love her, so be sure to send her your best wishes on the message board!!!


Kendra also became a “mom” again…kinda. She adopted a sister for her puppy Sebastian. The new puppy’s name is Lola and she’s the cutest little English bulldog on the Planet.



And while I know this may break your heart, she’s been spotted wearing this gorgeous ring. Wonder where it came from??


More news to come….

***April 04, 2005

New Photo Shoot with Eric Gusman, New Artists and New clothing!!!

Yesterday, Kendra did a brand new photo shoot with hot new photographer, Eric Gusman. Expect to see the pictures as soon as this week.

It’s the best photo shoot that’s ever been done!!


There’s also some talk of a new video release, exclusive here at KJO, for KJO members only, along with an upcoming return stint at www.ksexradio.com!!!


As you can probably tell, most of this site has been being worked on non-stop over the past couple of days. Most of the links should now work, and we expect the rest of them to be done soon! It’s coming out better than we thought even possible!!


Be sure to check out the schedule page, as Kendra is about to leave on another long tour and is going to be hitting some pretty random cities. You never know when she might be in your neighborhood, and trust me. you DON’T want to miss it!!!!


Please check out www.geaphotography.com ASAP, and set up a shoot of your own! He is a brilliant photographer!


Also, Check out www.JoeyDeGraw.com for the hottest, on the rise, upcoming artist!! You can download his songs, and then go post on his board how much you love him!

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