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Please help keep KJO running by ordering from my E-Shoppe.
Warning: I, Kendra, personally fulfill all orders from my site. Because of the demands on my time, I fullfill e-shoppe orders once a month, therefore it may take anywhere from 7 days to a full month for your item to arrive. Thank you for your Patience. -KJ

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Worn Panties
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Kendra's E-Shoppe

Cafe Press

Kendra's Souvenir Shoppe is run thru Cafe Press. Please click the link for various kendra jade themed products.
Dinner Date


$1500.00 - Local
$2500.00 - Fly Me 2 You
Dinner and a Movie with Kendra
For you die hard fans who have been waiting forever to meet Kendra, now here is your chance to take Kendra out on a date.
(this is a non-sexual encounter, please do not embarass yourself, or offend Kendra by asking for sexual favors)
1 Autographed Polaroid


$30 - Clothed
$40.00 - Topless
$50.00 - Nude
$100.00 - Custom (you specify the costume or theme of the pic, Kendra fulfills some soft-core requests)
Kendra will take a picture specifically for you with her polaroid camera and autograph it specifically to you.
Autographed 8x10 Photo
$25 - 1 autographed 8x10 photo
$40.00 - 2 autographed 8x10 photos
$50.00 - 3 autographed 8x10 photos
Choose the 8x10 you like best from my 8x10 photo gallery, and I will autograph and send it to you.
Custom DVD
$250.00 - 15 minutes
$400.00 - 30 minutes
Order Your own personal use Custom Movie! You write the script and I will do the directing and performing. Soft-core, hard-core, but SOLO only.

$5.00 - 1 minute
$50.00 - 10 minutes
$80.00 - 30 minutes
$150.00 - 60 minutes
Wanna talk with me and share personal secrets, fantasies or even if you just need advice, give me a call at 1-800-ASK-KEEN, extension 0378630
Live Video Chat
$100.00 - 10 minutes
$150.00 - 30 minutes
$300.00 - 60 minutes
Got a webcam? I do, lets virtually meet online.
Worn Panties


$80.00 - 1pr. panties
$125.00 - 2 pr. panties

My Sexy, Sweet Smelling Worn Panties arrive to you with a polaroid picture of me wearing them.

Worn Pantyhose
$45.00 - 1pr. panty hose
$70.00 - 2 pr. panty hose

Nothing gets closer to my skin than these! They arrive with a polaroid pic of me wearing them

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Extra shipping and handling for orders outside the U.S. and Canada.
Please add $10 for each item ordered.

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