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Please help keep KJO running by ordering from my E-Shoppe.
Purchasing autographed Kendra stuff will help keep me off the street, and in front of my computer, where I belong!
Thanks for your patience and loyalty. And please don’t forget to request me at your local venue of choice!!


Kendra's E-Shoppe

$6.99 - 1 minute
Here's your chance for phone action directly, one-on-one with ME. I can get as deep as you want, so we can get wild and crazy or just talk about fun stuff.
You can ask me all those questions you've always wanted to.
  • What is Howard like?
  • What was The Rock like?
  • Don't hesitate, ARRANGE a call today at 1-800-ASK-KEEN, extension 0378630
Autographed 8x10 Photo

$22 - 1 autographed 8x10 photo
Choose the 8x10 you like best from my 8x10 photo gallery, and I will autograph and send it to you.

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Cafe Press

Kendra's Souvenir Shoppe is run thru Cafe Press. Please click the link for various kendra jade themed products.
Dinner Date


$5000.00 - A ONE ON ONE PERSONAL DATE WITH KENDRA JADE!!!!! (includes kendra's hotel and transportation)
Wouldn’t you like to get to know the real me?
Not the Kendra you’ve seen on Howard Stern or Jerry Springer or in a crowded strip club?
How about in a nice comfortable relaxed atmosphere?
This FANTASY DATE includes a meal (brunch or dinner) in a nice restaurant in whatever U.S. or Canadian city you choose. After dinner we will catch a movie together.

You also get photos of us together, and the wet panties I’m wearing after the date!!
This date is a minimum of 3 hours.
Please email me for availability and the arrangements will be made.
Prepayment is required.

(this is a non-sexual encounter, please do not embarass yourself, or offend Kendra by asking for sexual favors)

Autographed Polaroid


$50.00 - Polaroid Picture
Kendra will take a picture specifically for you with her polaroid camera and autograph it specifically to you. You can make some requests as well.
Custom DVD

$600.00 - 30 minutes SOLO


These dvd's are just for you! None of them are alike!

And Best of all- YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR!!!! Just write your directions and send em in! (Try not too give to many details-it distracts from the action)

All shoots are at my house or hotel and wardrobe is mine (unless you send it ir purchase it from an auction).

Please try to keep it to a one-page minimum.

I will use your name if so desired and call out for you!


All tapes are hour and SOLO only.
Live WebCam Chat

$100.00 - 10 minutes
Got a webcam? I do, lets virtually meet online. I can use Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger for our web cam chat.
Worn Panties


$75.00 - 1pr. panties

My Sexy, Sweet Smelling Worn Panties arrive to you with a polaroid picture of me wearing them.

Worn Stockings

$65.00 - 1pr. stockings (specify thigh-hi's or pantyhose)

Nothing gets closer to my skin than these! They arrive with a polaroid pic of me wearing them

Kendra Auctions
From collectibles to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay
Bid on items from kendra's closet.... Each outfit comes with a autographed Polaroid picture of me either wearing or holding it.

Clothing right off my back!!  - yes you heard that right.I have decided to get rid of my old clothes, dance costumes ,and movie wardrobe.
This includes: Shoes !!!  Just what all you shoe fetishist have dreamed of, my shoes, Right from my sweaty feet  to your home, and signed by me of course!
Visit my Ebay Auction page to start bidding: http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/kendrajade


Credit card paymets are accepted thru STORMPAY. 
  I also accept cash and POSTAL money orders (no checks allowed)
To order thru postal mail please send the order form and payment to:


Kendra Jade Online
14622 ventura blvd # 360
sherman oaks, ca 91403

International Customers

Extra shipping and handling for orders outside the U.S. and Canada.
Please add $10 for each item ordered.

International Shipping
(per item)

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Worn Panties
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